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Get paid to play the sport you love.
Being a Native on Advnture is a fun and flexible way to earn money sharing your sport while making new friends. Share your passion for sport with other athletes and have an adventure!

Hosting Adventures is Free

...And always will be. You set your own prices and earn money playing the sport you love.

Native Guarentee

Your safety is our top priority. You, your gear, your home and even third parties – it’s all covered under our comprehensive insurance policy. Please check out our Native Guarantee to learn more about how Advntur has your back. Advntur only offers insurance to host athletes in the United States and Canada at this time. We are working on expanding to offer insurance in other countries. Please check back later to see if your country has been added to this list.

Community Safety

Advntur gives athletes mobile phone and credit card verification steps to follow to ensure you are only renting to trustworthy athletes.

Lead Adventures on Your Time

You set your schedule for when you want to lead adventures. You choose who you share an adventure with and when.

Fast, Easy Payment

Receiving the money you earned on Advntur is a breeze. Enter your debit card information on your Account page, and within 48 hours after a renter checks out, you’ll receive the money your earned. Advntur collects 15% of each transaction to cover insurance and operating expenses so you can keep playing hard.

Check out How it Works and FAQ pages to learn more.