Use the following information to optimize your profile and get the most out of your Advntur experience.

  • Complete all sections of your profile to ensure you share everything a fellow adventurer may want to know.
  • List three things that make your listing unique and two things previous guests had qualms with. Be honest and fresh. Grow trust by being honest and sharing your personality.
  • Describe a typical outing in the About Me section as well as how long you’ve been playing and how often you play. What can adventurers expect when they go play with you?
  • Besides offering a great sporting experience, share your local knowledge if you’re a Native. Can you take guests on a sport tour? Know the best Italian restaurant or a small, quirky museum? Let people know.
  • What makes an experience with you unique?
  • Your rate is completely up to you. To get an idea of competitive prices in your area, check out fellow Natives in your area. Contact local rental shops to see what they charge for using their gear.
  • If you’re a new host, you may want to charge lower than average rates to attract Explorers since you won’t have any reviews yet. Once you’ve hosted a few times and received reviews, you can go back and adjust your rates.
  • Playing it safe doesn’t mean boring. It means letting fellow adventurers know that you take every precaution to ensure they are safe while having fun and enjoying a new experience with you.
  • Ensure your and others’ safety at all times. If you ever feel your outing becomes dangerous, immediately remove yourself from the situation and contact help.
  • How close are you to the airport and public transportation?
  • Do you have parking available?
  • If you’re sharing gear, take photos of your equipment at multiple angles with good lighting. Explorers want to know what to expect from your equipment and home.
  • Natives should get to know their guests beforehand. Find out why they are coming to your city and then see how you can help them create a richer experience.
  • Natives should tell their neighbors if an Explorer is going to be staying with them so neighbors are comfortable.
  • Explorers staying in Native’s accommodations should follow house rules and be respectful of neighbors.
  • Share your schedules with each other. It’s important to know when you’re both coming and going, especially if Explorers don’t have keys.
  • Stay in touch. Everyone understands traveling can be unpredictable, but a quick text or call can help everyone prepare for a change of plans.