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You planned the perfect adventure for your Explorer, but sometimes accidents happen. That’s why we’ve put together our Advntur Native Guarantee to give you peace of mind. We believe playing hard shouldn’t mean sacrificing the safety of you and your stuff, and that’s why we offer Natives a comprehensive insurance policy. Every time you host an Explorer, your gear and your home and covered by our bullet-proof insurance policy to give you the freedom to enjoy your adventure without worry - all at no cost to you.



We partnered with Lloyd’s of London to protect the Advntur community, and with more than 300 years of experience, they know how to keep your stuff safe. If the worst happens, Advntur will be there to help.



Advntur’s Native Guarantee provides protection for up to $300,000 in damages to Native’s property in the rare cases when accidents happen. These protections are subject to certain conditions, limitations and exclusions, and more information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.


To submit a Native Guarantee claim, please submit your claim online.


Natives filing a claim under the Native Guarantee agree to cooperate with Advntur and its insurers, including providing evidentiary documentation of the damages they are claiming and agree to an inspection in the rare case it is necessary.



Advntur’s Native Guarantee aims to offer Natives supplementary insurance for their home and their gear. It should not be considered a replacement for homeowners, renters or other personal property insurance. The Native Guarantee does not cover:

  • cash and securities
  • jewelery
  • collectibles
  • artwork
  • pets
  • personal liability

This is the most important clause. Advntur’s Native Guarantee covers Native’s personal property and offers no coverage for bodily harm, either for Natives or Explorers. Injuries or other bodily harm that occur as a result of engaging in an activity through Advntur are not covered. Health insurance and travel insurance are strongly recommended to protect Natives and Explorers in the event an accident leads to bodily harm. Advntur is not responsible and is not liable for any bodily harm that may befall Natives and Explorers during the course of an activity.


Natives may want to secure or remove valuables when sharing their home with Explorers and may want to consider independent insurance to cover such items.


The Native Guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear to gear and homes. Please read the Terms & Conditions for a more thorough explanation of the coverage provided to Natives in the Native Guarantee.




How does the claim filing process work?

If there is an emergency, Natives should immediately contact emergency personnel. Then contact Customer Service.


Natives and Explorers can often resolve their own issues, so it’s best to start with an honest conversation about the event in question and discover the truth. If Natives believe Explorers have caused property damage or loss, they should contact and notify them of the complaint.


If an agreement cannot be reached between Natives and Explorers, Natives should carefully review the Native Guarantee and Terms and Conditions to determine if the situation meets the requirements before submitting a claim to Advntur.


Claims must be filed within 24 hours of the Explorer’s check out.


After a claim has been submitted to Advntur, we will deliver a confirmation email to all parties involved to discuss next steps, such as further evidentiary documentation from the Native or Explorer.


Once Advntur has collected sufficient information from both the Native and Explorer, we will review that information and any documentation, evaluate the claim and upon completion of that review contact the Native.


The length of the claim submittal process will vary depending on the severity of the case, the quality of the documentation and the cooperation of the Native and Explorer. We aim to resolve all claims as quickly as possible.


How do I file a claim under the Native Guarantee?

To submit a Native Guarantee claim, log in and submit your claim online. All claims are subject to the Native Guarantee under the Terms & Conditions, and we urge all Natives to read through them before submitting a claim to determine if their claim meets the necessary requirements.


What kind of damages does the Native Guarantee cover?

The Native Guarantee covers damages that go beyond normal wear and tear. For example, a flat tire on a bicycle is not covered. A mangled bicycle frame is. Every reservation made through Advntur has a $100 deductible. More information on deductibles and limitations can be found in the Terms & Conditions.


What should I do before filing a claim under the Native Guarantee?

Natives should contact their Explorers to notify them of complaints. Natives and Explorers can often resolve issues on their own.


If you are unable to resolve the issue, Natives should file a police report. A police report is recommended in all cases and is required in claims that exceed $300.


Gather as much information to submit with your claim as possible, including photos, receipts, a police report and any other documentation that proves ownership, damages and a fair market valuation of the item(s) damaged.


If you have any further questions about how to properly submit your claim, please contact Advntur’s Customer Service department.


What information should I include with my claim?

Here are some examples of information and documentation that will help us process your claim faster:

  • Photographs of the damaged item(s)
  • Police report (required for any damage in excess of $300)
  • Receipts or alternative documentation showing a fair market value for the damaged item(s)
  • Ownership documents and any other information and documentation you believe will expedite your claim


Should I also have homeowners, renters and other personal property insurance?

Yes. The Advntur Native Guarantee is not intended to replace homeowners, renters or other personal property insurance policies. Natives may want to consider independent insurance for valuable items.


We urge all Natives to have a thorough understanding of their existing insurance policies as well as Advntur’s Native Guarantee to determine what is covered and what is not. Not all insurance policies will cover damages or loss caused by an Explorer.


How soon can I expect a resolution to my claim?

The amount of time it takes to resolve a claim can depend on the quality of the documentation and information submitted by the Native and the cooperation of the Native and Explorer. Advntur strives to resolve all claims as quickly as possible, but each claim presents unique circumstances and the time it takes to resolve a claim will vary.