If you'd like to know more about how to travel or host through Advntur, visit our How It Works pages for Natives and Explorers.

We want you to experience your sport on your terms. Book one, two, all three or any combination of the services provided by our community of Natives to create the adventure you want!

If your Native hosts for more than one sport you're interested in, go for it! Our flexible reservation process lets you design the adventure you want.

Advntur wants you to experience your sport on your terms, whether it's as a Native, Explorer or both. We encourage everyone to become Natives to make our community as strong as possible, but it is not necessary.

Natives can host for up to three sports, allowing you to maximize your knowledge, gear and love of sport.

Absolutely – you and your gear's safety are our highest priority. Because we want you to play safe, we go even further and protect you and others if you get into an accident. Personal property, bodily harm – we've got you covered. Check out our Native Guarantee to learn more about how you can play with confidence.

It depends on when it was canceled. Please review our Cancellation Policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Natives and Explorers message each other before determining if it's a good fit for both. Once the reservation has been confirmed, Natives and Explorers exchange phone numbers and decide for themselves what works best for them.

Yes, we are happy to offer Natives who are willing to share their passion and knowledge of their sport to newbies. There's no better way to learn than diving into a new adventure.

We are always looking to offer more to our community of athletes. If you play a sport that we don't have, send us an email on our Feedback page and let us know you want to see that sport listed.

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