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Wherever you go, go with all your heart

Confucius speaks to us, the adventurers. Every day, we hold nothing back. We're runners logging six miles at the park with our running buddies. We're rowers waking up well before dawn to cut through the glass with our oars. We're fishers out on the open ocean digging in our heels to reel in the stubborn one. We're cyclists at the center of a peloton pushing each other uphill. We're surfers paddling out after a hard day's work. We're athletes, driven by our love for sport.

So why when we travel do we choose to leave our passions behind? We never lose our identity as runners, rowers, fishers, cyclists, or surfers. We take our passion wherever we go. Leaving home doesn’t mean we should sacrifice the things we love.

We're as passionate as you are, and that's why we built Advntur. Wherever you go, for business or pleasure, we will connect you with someone who shares your passion. Our community of athletes will lend you the gear you need, put you up for the night and give you a unique sporting experience like only a local can.

Our community of athletes wants to connect and share new adventures with you. Export your passion and join us as we break down the boundaries of sport.

Never stop playing


Matt Doran Matt Doran

Matt Doran

chief executive officer

My passions are simple: sports and travelling. Unfortunately, combining them hasn’t always been simple. Sometimes I couldn’t do the sports I loved while travelling because I couldn’t bring my gear, didn’t know where to go and didn’t want to do them alone. That’s why I founded Advntur, to create a network for sports enthusiasts to connect and play together anywhere. Join us as we Advntur worldwide!

David Kennedy David Kennedy

David Kennedy

chief technical officer

Exploration has always been a need for me. There's something intoxicating about pushing against the boundaries of the unknown. That's why I've always been fascinated with technology - tools to create new experiences. Now I'm using technology to share my passion, empowering others to travel and explore. I'm so excited to be a founding partner at Advntur and to see exploration go viral!

We work hard so you can play hard.

We are explorers.

We are natives.

We are Advnturers!