Pack less. Adventure more.
Advntur connects athletes away from home with locals to share the sport they love. Equipment, a local guide, lodging - the adventure is your story to write.
And it starts now...
Connect With Surfers
Black's Beach, Swami's and Bird Rock. A trip to San Diego is no trip at all if you didn't surf at least once. Home to some of the best, most reliable breaks in the world, San Diego's beaches offer surfers of all stripes the waves they're looking for. Our locals will vouch for you at the locals' only spots, get you the board you need and give you a surfing experience you'll never forget. Never surfed? There's no better place to learn and no better way then a lesson from a local.
Connect With Cyclists
Ride along San Diego's coast, and you'll see more bike shops than Starbucks. And for good reason. With year-round perfect weather, there are endless routes that will challenge and amaze you. Ride the hills of the Elfin Forest or speed down the 101 as the waves crash alongside. Our locals will give you the cycling adventure you crave.
Connect With Swimrun Athletes
Connect With Fitness Athletes
San Diegans are some of the fittest, most active people you'll find anywhere. Connect with our local fitness nuts for yoga on Mission Bay, pilates in Balboa Park or kettlebell training in Pacific Beach. Forget the hotel gym. Our locals will show you the best places to workout in a city renowned for its vibrant outdoors and athletic community.
Connect With Athletes
Coming to San Diego and can't interrupt your triathlon training? How about the opportunity to experience the sport in the city that gave birth to it? Protected, safe swims, challenging runs and picturesque runs - San Diego has all the ingredients to welcome triathletes and make their trip spectacular. Our locals are as passionate and committed as you are and know all the best spots and offer the gear you need to get the authentic San Diego tri experience.
Connect With Rowers
There may be no better way to appreciate the beauty of San Diego than the view from a boat as the sun comes up over Mission Bay. Row alongside seals and dolphins and down the Crew Classic course. You may never find a more welcoming, passionate group of rowers than in San Diego. Whether you're a veteran rower or just looking to get your feet wet, our locals can get you in a boat and give you a rowing experience unlike any other.
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